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DDVB updated brand portfolio of the leading Russian producer of natural beverages

The "Ochakovo" company in partnership with the Agency presented a series of new delicious products

As a part of an ambitious program of product portfolio modernization the "Ochakovo" company, which is one of the largest Russian manufacturers of soft drinks, has entered the market with a set of new products. There are renewed well-known brands and some absolutely new products. Redesign of brands and brand development "from scratch" has been entrusted to our Agency, which is a longtime partner of "Ochakovo"in the field of branding and brand consulting.

The DDVB team adjusted the positioning and implemented a radical redesign of favorite Company's brands. Among them juices and nectars "JuiceTeam", authentic "Family Secret" kvass and also a new "series" of "Buksir" beer.

Another challenge for DDVB was the development of a limited series of "Ochakovckiy" kvass with kalamansi juice. The new visual identity of the kvass differentiates the drink from the main line and attracts a younger audience, highlighting the combination of a non-standard taste of the product.

Previously, the "Ochakovo"company in conjunction with the Agency also presented a unique product to the market. It was children's sub-brand of "Ochakovskiy" kvass - "Kvasyonok", and a new brand of "Khalzan" beer on the "democratic" price.

New items have already appeared on the shelves of the largest retail chains in Russia, immediately became "hits" in the sales of soft drinks category. Efficiency in the field of marketing communications new "Ochakovo" brands confirmed at the "Silver Mercury" Festival , where we took three bronze medals. 

22 June 2016
06 22
The "Ochakovo" company in partnership with the Agency presented a series of new delicious products
06 17
The Agency got the "Gold", two silver and three bronze medals
06 08
A creative director of DDVB joined the judging panel of the main industrial event of the year
04 13
Creative Director of DDVB Dmitry Peryshkov and Director of Strategic Planning and Marketing Dmitry Strukov told about how one word can bring billions on the Branding Day-2016
02 16
Alexander Kovalenko told about the role and functions of packaging on the business-conference, related to FMCG-branding
12 25
DDVB’s cases in the main chart of the year by What the pack
12 16
Agency presents the new brand of "all-seasonal" natural low-alcohol drink – Mead M
12 15
Dmitry Pioryshkov and Dmitry Strukov talked about corporate branding with HSB students
12 14
Chief Creative of the DDVB agency discussed works of winner of Red Apple - the largest advertising festival
12 07
Chief Creative of DDVB became the best one in the "Non-commercial services" category on Kotler Awards Application, awarded for contribution to the development of the industry